Rifle Buddy was developed by hunters looking for a safe and convenient place to store a gun in off road situations.  After years of hunting two track roads and holding rifles awkwardly between my legs or wrapped in a blanket in the back seat, I needed a safe secure place to hold a firearm to protect the scope from misalignment and avoid scratches.  Rifle Buddy is designed to work on farms, ranches or in situations where you are in and out of the truck to glass out over points of vantage, into hollers or coolies while hunting.  It gives the hunter safe easy in or out access with your rifle.  Rifle Buddy protects your rifle from bouncing around the truck, keeps the barrel off of muddy floor boards and stops sliding around when going up or down hills or crossing over wash outs.  It just helps a hunter with a good piece of mind knowing their gun is secure and the scope dialed in.  I haven’t found a better solution in my 50 plus years of hunting to take care of this problem than with my new solution the, Rifle Buddy.  It will be one of the better investments you can make in your hunting equipment and hunting piece of mind.  I have used proto types developed over the years of the Rifle Buddy in Texas, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming and Washington with excellent results. Now it’s time for you to enjoy the latest version of the Rifle Buddy. Buy it now!!!

Weight: 8 lbs
Available in: Gray or Tan
Fits over the console of most trucks
For off-road use only
Selling price:  $189 with free shipping