At the ripe young age of 68 one would think that the thought of inventing something new would be “off the table”, or “inconceivable” or “just too hard”. But not for someone like Rod Dennett, avid sportsman and one of the best mule deer/elk hunters you will have the pleasure to be around. You see, Rod, has been creative his entire life. As a young man he was a lumberjack (creative part was staying alive), hardwood and ceramic tile designer/installer and the last 30 plus years he has pursued his passion as a custom home builder in Bella Vista Arkansas.
Rod’s business as a custom home builder has sharpened his skills as an entrepreneur, given him an eye for detail and a skill that is hard to find these days, doing things the right way. This set of attributes with a combined love for hunting has sent him on a quest to solve a long running issue all hunters have in common.  When hunting in the field how do I safely and securely store my rifle in the pickup, but yet have ready access to it when the time comes to get out of the truck with “Buck Fever” and not smack the rifle and scope five times on the truck and start a spot and stalk on that once in a life time 200 inch deer.
Here’s where we need a problem solver. Rod’s been looking at complex problems his entire business career. Example: Do you know how many parts and pieces it takes to build a house, it’s over 100,000.  So surely a home builder could solve this rifle storage dilemma. After years of trial and error and countless hunting trips to Montana (ok someone had to do the research), the solution is here, the Rifle Buddy. Yup, I hear you “Why didn’t I think of that”. Tough hunting problems call for opportunity type thinkers like Rod.
So….now you know and understand the man behind the Rifle Buddy. What’s stopping you, besides missing that once in a life time 200 inch deer because of the dreaded buck fever causing you to smack your rifle and scope on the truck caused by unsafe, unsecure and out of the way old school storage methods.  It’s time to bust a move on the Rifle Buddy!!!!!!